11 October 2017
Family Support Service Consultation

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Family Support Service and Children's Centre Consultation


Somerset County Council want to make some changes to the way that children and families get help and support in Somerset by creating a new Family Support Service.


If they go ahead, the changes would affect:


Getset Services - which include Sure Start Children’s Centres services. This covers everything from Family Support Workers who help with a range of family situations from dealing with behaviour and family relationships, to support for employment and housing, parenting skills, Stay and Play sessions, child-minder drop-ins, young parent groups, working with teenagers – all the support we give to families with children aged up to 19.


Health Visitors – support all parents with children aged 0 to 5. They give advice and support on things like parenting, feeding babies and common illnesses for children.


School Nurses – support children aged 5-19. They run the child measurement programme, look after immunisations and give health advice usually in secondary schools. Services and support will still be available, but how and where you get them could change.


For further details of how you can give your view click here: Family Services Consultation poster.pdf